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As most of you know, I have been designing websites for clients using the Joomla platform for almost ten years. This platform continues to grow and drives a large number of active websites across the internet.

Social networking has bought about a fundamental change in the way we communicate. Increasingly, people are talking about their lives online. This trend obviously has its pitfalls, particularly around the issue of personal security, but this article is not focused on the pros and cons of talking about yourself online.

Instead, we recognise that Joomla, while an excellent development tool, may not be suitable for everybody. As a platform, it requires: -

  • A medium level of IT knowledge
  • Access to a Joomla professional to maintain it
  • Some form of web hosting available

Let's be honest, not everyone has the level of interest or skills to maintain a dedicated website to the level required for a Joomla solution.

So that is why I have ventured into the WordPress world, spending time evaluating and learning the platform. WordPress is recognised as the leader in blogging platforms, with millions of blogs based on this product.

While writing this article, I took great care not to include any statistical information. I started researching "how many websites use Joomla/WordPress" and the statistical anomolies revealed showed that it would be better to exclude any statistics completely from an article so as not to sway the audience by "false" data. One of the biggest issues I encountered was trying to identify how many of the WordPress sites were actually active, as it appears that a large number are created or reserved and then nothing is ever done with them. The debate over market share between these and other products will continue and I believe it comes down to what the user requires vs what they are comfortable using.

So why would you want to use WordPress: -

  • Ease of use for an average user
  • It's popular with an active support community
  • WordPress sites rank well in Google searches

We know that starting an enterprise like this can be quite daunting, so we have put together a WordPress Starter Kit. This is a simple fixed-price solution to help you get started with your very own Blog. Just click the button below and have a read about it. Complete a simple form and start a conversation with us about getting started with your own internet presence.

WordPress Starter Kit
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Mark Matheson
A Chartered Accountant by profession, Mark has spent the past 20 years working with clients, assisting them to effect positive Business Process Change utilising both Sage ACCPAC and the Joomla CMS.


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