Phoca Cart

You will need a valid account with eWAY in order for this plugin to work.
We strongly encourage all users to register an account with the eWAY Sandbox and thoroughly test all processing through their Sandbox environment using a test Joomla website. We accept no responsibility for transactions wrongly processed!
Transactions processed while in Sandbox mode will NOT involve real funds. Please make sure you disable Sandbox mode before using this plugin in a Live environment.

Select the Phoca Cart menu from the Components menu in the Joomla! administrator section. Then click on the Payment menu. Click the New button from the toolbar.

Give your new Payment method a Title and complete all the other optional fields like Cost, Tax Rate, etc. From the Payment Method dropdown, select eWAY Shared.

There are a number of tabs within the configuration of a Phoca Cart Payment method. They include: -

  • Amount Rule
  • Zone Rule
  • Country Rule
  • Region Rule
  • Shipping Rule
  • Payment Method Options

You will need your eWAY API Key and Password. Please make sure you obtain these for both your Live and Sandbox eWAY accounts!

Select the Payment Method Options tab. Enter your API Key and Password and choose whether to run in Sandbox mode or not. You should then select your chosen template. eWAY offers twelve (12) different themes for their payment gateway and you can chose the one that best suits your site. Options include: -

  • Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Amelia
  • Bootstrap Cerulean
  • Bootstrap Cosmo
  • Bootstrap Cyborg
  • Bootstrap Flatly
  • Bootstrap Journal
  • Bootstrap Readable
  • Bootstrap Simplex
  • Bootstrap Slate
  • Bootstrap Spacelab
  • Bootstrap United

Dealing with multiple currencies in eWAY is a convoluted process. Please review the following two articles carefully: -

When you register for an eWAY account, it will be linked to the account for the country you register in. For example, if you register for an account at eWAY Australia, your account will be in Australian dollars. This means that you can only accept transactions in Australian dollars. If you wish to accept transactions in other currencies, you will need to apply for multiple eWAY accounts and then link them all together.

Finally, you need to select two statuses. These will be used when a transaction is processed and progressed through the store by the eWAY payment gateway. They are: -

  • Cancelled Status - A transaction will be progressed to this if a payment is cancelled by the user of the system.
  • Completed Status - A transaction will be progressed to this if a payment is successfully completed by the user.

Click the Save button on the toolbar to save your settings. The plugin is ready to use!

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