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The parameters set within K2 Split Content have no effect on the K2 item presented in the Joomla! content area.

There is a long list of available parameters. These match the features available in K2. Most of them are self-explanatory, but we will touch on each one below.


  • Title - Hide/Show the title
  • Author - Hide/Show the author
  • Author Written By - Hide/Show the words "Written by"
  • Author Avatar - Hide/Show the author avatar
  • Author Description - Hide/Show the author description
  • Author Email - Hide/Show the author email
  • Introtext - Hide/Show the introtext
  • Introtext word limit - Limit the introtext displayed to a fixed number of words
  • Image - Hide/Show the image
  • image size - If displaying the image, what size is to be displayed
  • Video - Hide/Show the video
  • Video caption - Hide/Show the video caption
  • Video credits - Hide/Show the video credits
  • Attachments - Hide/Show the attachments
  • Category - Hide/Show the category
  • Tags - Hide/Show the tags
  • Related Items - Hide/Show the related items
  • Related Items Heading - Hide/Show the related items heading
  • Related Items Limit - Limit the related items displayed to a fixed number of items
  • Created date and time - Hide/Show the created date and time
  • Hits - Hide/Show the hits
  • 'Read more ...' link - Hide/Show the 'Read more ...' link
  • Additional Fields - Hide/Show the additional fields
  • Additional Fields Heading - Hide/Show the additional fields heading
  • Comments counter and anchor link - Hide/Show the comments counter and anchor link


  • Module Class Suffix - Style the appearance of the module using your own CSS classes
  • Select sub-template - Choose your desired Layout (see Layout Overrides below)


  • Description text at the top - Display some description text at the top of the module
  • Custom link at the bottom - Display a custom link at the bottom of the module
  • Custom link URL - The URL of the Custom link
  • Custom link title - The text to display for the URL

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