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Are you prepared to travel?

In the past 30 years, we have worked with clients in North America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

With the improvement in the internet, the need to travel is less, but we still spend a fair bit of time working away from Sydney.

Why have you chosen the products you specialise in?

Selecting products that we consider to be suitable for our clients usually means that we have spent considerable time researching them and the alternatives and in most cases, made the decision to use them in-house.

Making a decision to support any product is a huge business commitment. We never make that commitment lightly and firmly believe that the products we use and support are some of the best on the market.

What about remote support?

Of course!

We are happy to connect to your site and assist with any issues your may have. However, we need to be very clear, this is considered consulting and not product support. As a result, it will be charged at our consulting rates and is NOT a free services.

If you have any concerns about that, have a look at our Support Policy, which can be found here.

Do you use Team Viewer?

We have used Team Viewer in the past, but with a recent change in the way Team Viewer sells it's product, we made the tough decision to stop using it.

In most cases this won't effect many people, as we use an alternate product that in our opinion is significantly better.

What about working in areas with slow internet?

We have spent many years working in places with little or no internet access (including our own office in central Sydney)

This shouldn't be an impediment to looking to grow your business.


How can the purchase of software be considered a subscription?

Essentially, when subscribing to our products, you pay an annual subscription cost. You will be invoiced this cost on the anniversary date of your sign-up.

As part of your initial sign-up, there is a sign-up cost that boosts the initial cost.

If you want to think about it another way, You pay the RPP for the software up-front and then we discount any subsequent annual renewals, based on the RRP of our product.

How does your licensing work?

Our products are essentially subscription products. Yes, even the ones that run on your desktop!

The license system differs depending on what product you are subscribing too.

All our Joomla products are licensed under GPL.

Our ACCPAC products all require an Unlock Code that is unique to the machine it is installed on. This means it can only be installed on ONE machine.

While our products will run forever, upgrades and support are only available to users with a current subscription.

Can I install your software on more than one machine/site?

For any of our software licensed under GPL, absolutely you can.

For any of our desktop software, each Unlock Code is uniquie to a single machine. If you require a license for multiple machines, drop us a note and we'll be happy to discuss alternatives with you.

What are the system requirements for your products?

Each of the Product pages contain information about versions of Joomla and Sage ACCPAC they support.

But in general, our products support Joomla 3.x and above and Sage ACCPAC 6.2 and above.

Please be aware, we will not support any product that is installed on development versions of Joomla as these are essentially untested.

Where is the documentation for your products?

We have been a bit slow in producing documentation for our products, but we have started work on the back log.

You can access all the available documentation here.

Hosting and Domains

Where is your hosting located?

To be honest, other than being in Australia, we have no idea. Most data centres are fairly cautious about revealing their specific locations, and we like that from a security perspective.

We made the decision to retain our data within the Australian legal jurisdiction, and that suits most of our clients as well.

What can I host with you?

Like most business hosts, we are governed by the rules of the country and our hosting provider.

For the most part, that will have zero impact on our clients. Occassionaly, you may breach the acceptable use policy, but that is easily rectified. Things that may catch you out include: -

  • Using our hosting as a backup storage area
  • Hosting copyrighted material

If you have any concerns about whether out hosting service is suitable for your business, drop us a line and we'll be happy to discuss your specific case.

What's a TLD?

TLD = Top-Level Domain

Wikipedia defines a Top-Level Domain as:-

One of the domain names at the highest level in the heirachial Domain Name System of the Internet

Examples of TLD's include: -

  • .com
What if I want a TLD that's not on your list?

Simple, just ask!

We have tried to make things simple by only including the popular TLD's. However if there is one that you want, let us know, and we'll look at adding it to the list so you can grab it.

Do I need an ABN to register a domain?

The simple answer is Yes!

Have a read of these details from the Australian Domain Name Registrar: -


Where are you based?

For the last 20 years, we have been based in Sydney, Australia.

Mark Matheson was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand and retains his New Zealand citizenship despite being a resident of Australia.

I am having trouble subscribing to one of your products or services?

We try to make our website as bulletproof as possible, but occassionally glitches creep in.

If you encounter any issues with subscribing, please use our Support page and include any error messages you receive while subscribing and we will investigate.

Hi! My name is Mark Matheson and I look forward to helping you unlock the full potential of your business.

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