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Account Summary for Phoca Cart

AU$25 (Excl. GST)

A module to display the status of a users Phoca Cart, using menu links and displaying in a vertical module position. Counts for the Cart, Orders, Comparisons and Wishlist Items give the user a "quick look" at the status of their account.

With the use of a Joomla Custom Field, a User Profile image can also be displayed, giving the module a polished look and feel.

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  • Version:
  • Last Updated:
    15 Aug 2017
  • Date Created:
    5 Aug 2017
  • License:
  • Type:
    Paid Download
  • Includes:


  • Compatibility:

    3 4 Alpha

  • Requirements:

Version Comparison


    Multiple instances on a single page
    Select what content can be displayed
    Display a Profile image (Optional)
    Shows the counts for the Key Elements

    Joomla 3.x
    Joomla 4.x
    Uses Joomla Update System
    Support and Updates



  • In Testing
  • Subscribers
  • GPL

0.0.274 (15/08/2017)

Added - First public release

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