Credit Hold

Automate Management of your AR and PJC Hold Statuses

A simple application that checks the Customer Credit Status using the ACCPAC Credit Check routines and then puts Jobs and Orders on/off hold as determined by the Customer Credit Status.
Integration with Pushbullet is also available so you can get notified when a credit check is completed.

It helps speed up Payment processing

Key features include: -
  • Users Sage ACCPAC API
  • Creates output files for all major banks
  • Emails Remittance Advices

Version Comparison


  • Uses Sage ACCPAC API
  • Run on machines without ACCPAC installed
  • Software details
  • Computer details
  • Memory details
  • Disk space details
  • Connection details
  • ACCPAC details
  • ACCPAC Custom Directory details
  • ACCPAC modules (in active company)
  • ACCPAC licenses
  • ACCPAC organisations
  • Database details
  • MS Office details

  • Sage ACCPAC 2014 (6.2)
  • Sage ACCPAC 2016 (6.4)
  • Sage ACCPAC 2018
  • Process logging
  • Error logging
  • Run headless for automation
  • Automate system checks
  • Email logs to support
  • Update check
  • License


  • 14 Days


  • Permanent (within version)

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