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SysInfo Pro

AU$405 (Excl. GST)

A utility to log key information to assist with the support and upgrade of Sage ACCPAC ERP.

Can be run on machines that do not have ACCPAC installed.
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  • Version:
  • Last Updated:
    1 Mar 2018
  • Date Created:
    17 Dec 2018
  • License:
  • Type:
    Paid Download
  • Includes:


  • Compatibility:

    Windows 7+ Win Server 2008+

  • Requirements:

    Sage 300 ERP 6.4+



      Uses Sage ACCPAC API
      Run on machines without ACCPAC installed
      Software details
      Computer details
      Memory details
      Disk space details
      Connection details
      ACCPAC details
      ACCPAC Custom Directory details
      ACCPAC modules (in active company)
      ACCPAC licenses
      ACCPAC organisations
      Database details
      MS Office details

      Sage ACCPAC 2014 (6.2)
      Sage ACCPAC 2016 (6.4)
      Sage ACCPAC 2018
      Process logging
      Error logging
      Run on machines without Sage ACCPAC
      Run headless for automation
      Automate system checks
      Email logs to support
      Update check


    • Redacted
    • 14 Days


    • Complete
    • Annual
  • Unreleased (01/01/2019)

    Added - Disk space details
    Added - ACCPAC Custom Directory details

    2018.1.0.40 (03/01/2018)

    Added - Options form
    Added - Logs forms
    Added - Support menu
    Added - FAQ's menu
    Added - Added Word as an MS Office application
    Added - Added Excel as an MS Office application
    Added - Crystal Reports and Runtime details
    Added - Encrypted the license file contents
    Added - INI option to disable ACCPAC checking
    Added - Menu option to refresh the output
    Added - INI file settings into the output log
    Added - Rich Text formatting to the displayed output
    Added - Minimise to Tray (Licensed version only)
    Added - Update check (Licensed version only)
    Added - INI option to disable the email prompt (Licensed version only)
    Added - INI option for a user-defined email address (Licensed version only)
    Added - INI option to auto-send (Licensed version only)
    Added - INI option to auto-close (Licensed version only)
    Added - Save/email the output log as both a TXT and RTF file (Licensed version only)
    Added - Obfuscated some of the output (Trial version only)
    Added - Email disabled (Trial version only)
    Fixed - Screen caption was wrongly displayed when the output was refreshed
    Fixed - Module list not required when ACCPAC checking is disabled
    Fixed - INI file settings were being wrongly created
    Fixed - Enhanced the trial warning message
    Fixed - Now correctly creates the Logs folder for output logs and error messages
    Fixed - Enhanced the license checking throughout the code
    Changed - Display "Permanent" rather than a date for a license with no expiry date

    2018.1.0.31 (28/02/2018)

    Fixed - Screen refresh issue on Windows 10

    2018.1.0.29 (20/02/2018)

    Added - First release candidate

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