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Cyber Security

Cyber Security, Computer security or Information Security (InfoSec) involves the protection of computer networks and systems from harm, theft or damage of the hardware, software and digital information that they contain. 

With the worlds increased dependence on computers, and in particular, mobile devices, protecting our digital assets from harm or disruption is becoming more and more complex. With technology such as Bluetooth, WiFi and the proliferation of "smart devices" like speakers, televisions and a list of devices commonly referred to as the "Internet of Things", cyber security is become a huge challenge for business and individuals alike.

We assist clients in "beefing up" their cyber security practices with a combination of hardware and software solutions.


What kind of things are we combating in this digital world? Have a quick scan of the list below: -

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Source: Wikipedia

Resources we recommend

We get no financial benefit from making these recommendations, but everyone that uses these resources makes everyone more secure!


Historically, it has been common practise for people to use a single password across multiple logins. With major data breaches being reported every day, having unique passwords for every login is increasingly important.

Remembering all these passwords can become quite a chore. We recommend using 1Password. With full encryption, unlimited vaults and passwords and hundreds of additional features, 1Password has proven to be the best password manager we have found. This is supported by us having used it exclusively for almost 10 years.

As a subscriber to their Teams product, we have found it's simplicity and security to be excellent value for money. In addition, they have a Families product that is also attractive to home users, allowing parents and children to have their own account in a centrally managed system.

Have I Been Pwned

Developed and maintained by leading InfoSec researcher Troy Hunt, Have I Been Pwned is a fantastic resource to check the strength of your password and to find out how many times (yeah, almost guaranteed your details have been compromised) your email address and other personal details have been disclosed in a data breach.

If you haven't done so already, check out the website. You can sign up to be notified when your email address is included in a data breach, find out what websites have been compromised and check out how secure your cats name is as a password (be warned, the result might scare you).

Troy Hunt is based on the Gold Coast and provides the website as a free resource. I am sure he would appreciate a small donation to fund his daily coffee habit if you find his website helpful.

Hi! My name is Mark Matheson and I look forward to helping you unlock the full potential of your business.

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