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Think of a domain name as the phone number of your website. When someone enters a domain name into a web browser, the browser asks a Domain Name Server (the internet phone book) to find the location of the website on the internet. The browser then goes to that location and retrieves the website contents and displays it for you.

Domain names are unique. Just like phone numbers, there can only be one of each so that the Domain Name Servers (DNS) know where to find them.

A domain name is a key form of marketing for many businesses. Many businesses are not actually named until they can ensure they are able to secure a consistent domain name and social media accounts.

A domain name consists of several parts: -

  • The Top Level Domain (TLD)
  • The Subdomain

If we take a look at this website, the domain name is Breaking it down: -

  • TLD =
  • Subdomain = marathonsoftware

Combined, is also referred to as a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).

Marathon Software is a domain name reseller, and offers most common, and many uncommon, TLD's. The button below will take you to our reseller portal where you can purchase a new domain name, transfer your domains into our system and renew domains previously registered with us.

If you don't see the TLD you are after, drop us a note using our contact form and we'll be happy to track it down for you.

Domain Portal

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