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Support Policy

  1. We only provide support to our subscribers through our site's Support section. Requesting support through any other means (such as but not limited to our contact form, email, social media or in person) is not acceptable.
  2. Requesting support from us does not guarantee a solution and we provide no service level agreement whatsoever.
  3. If you have not received any response to a ticket within 3 (three) working days, please use the Contact Us page to let us know.
  4. Our working hours are posted on the Support page of our site, towards the bottom part of the page. You can create a ticket outside our working hours but it is very unlikely that we will respond outside of these hours.
  5. We observe all Australian (NSW) Public Holidays and it is very unlikely we will respond to tickets on these dates.
  6. We strongly encourage all subscribers to search our support tickets and documentation for a solution to their issue.
  7. We reserve the right to deny support in cases where the cause is beyond our control, including but not limited to:-
    • Older versions of our software. Support for older versions is limited to usage and configuration instructions, not bug fixes or feature requests.
    • When your environment does not meet the published minimum requirements of our software.
    • When your (outdated) environment restricts you to using an older version of our software.
    • When you have modified the code files of our software or the environment it's running on.
    • The cause lies with your server configuration or other technical measures imposed by your hosting provider / server environment and which are outside your and our control.
    • The cause lies with third party software which alter the behaviour of your environment in a way that's beyond reasonable expectations.
    • The problem lies in a third party service provider.
    • The problem lies in configuration choices you made.
  8. We may be unable to provide our support services in the following situations:-
    • The request or the conversation is conducted in a language other than English or when the language barrier makes it impossible to provide meaningful support.
    • We have asked for access to the affected site / service but the access is either not provided at all or access is impossible after a total of three attempts (initial credentials provisioning and two follow-ups with the client).
    • The language used in the ticket includes inappropriate behaviour, foul language, bigotry / racial slurs or other language that seems to indicate you are unwilling to help us resolve your issue in a co-operative manner. Any such tickets may be unpublished or deleted and a warning given. Repeated incidents may result in termination of the offending account without refund.
    • The client does not accept our technical analysis, declines to follow our advice in whole or in part, disputes our suitability to provide support, declines to provide information deemed necessary to perform troubleshooting, declines to pursue the matter with their host or a third party developer / service provider that we have identified as the cause of the issue or otherwise displays behaviour which indicates that they are unlikely to let us provide meaningful support. Such tickets will be closed without further reply and further support for the same issue will be denied.
  9. Even though we will do whatever is humanly possible for us to help you there are things objectively outside our control - such as limitations of the programming language, restrictions imposed by your ISP / host / environment, technical limitations of your CMS / application etc - which may prevent us from offering a solution. In these cases we will present you with our technical analysis and suggestions as to who's responsible for the cause of your issue.
  10. We are very careful to not cause any disruption or adverse effect on your sites in the course of providing support. However, we assume no responsibility for any issues directly or indirectly caused by our support efforts.

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