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We have developed a library of custom products for Joomla and Sage ACCPAC. Have a poke around in our library and we are sure you'll find at least one that will improve your business processing.

Custom Products for Sage ACCPAC
and Joomla


A utility to log key information to assist with the support and upgrade of Sage ACCPAC ERP.

Security Manager

Security Centre gives you access to the Sage ACCPAC user screens in a single, using plain English terminology rather than the ACCPAC codes.

PNG EFT Payments

A utility to quickly process EFT payments and Remittance Advices in Papua New Guinea.

AM Special Inquiry

Using the Sage ACCPAC API, AM Special Inquiry provides additional inquiry screens for Norming Fixed Assets.

Australian Sample Data

The Sage ACCPAC ERP sample data converted to Australian dollars and including basic Australian GST setup.

ACCPAC Utilities

Two Sage ACCPAC VBA macros to perform simple tasks within Sage ACCPAC ERP.

Joomla Installer

A Joomla Installer plugin to enable a subscriber to download updates using the Joomla Update System.

eWAY for Phoca Cart

A Payment plugin for the Phoca Cart webstore component to enable payment processing through the eWAY payment gateway.

K2 Split Content

Based on the standard K2 content display module, rather than display all items within a category/tag, this module displays content that is associated with the currently viewed K2 item.

Account Summary for Phoca Cart

A module to display the status of a users Phoca Cart, using menu links and displaying in a vertical module position. Counts for the Cart, Orders, Comparisons and Wishlist Items give the user a "quick look" at the status of their account.

Reward Points for Phoca Cart

Display a snapshot of a users Reward Points for Phoca Cart in a module position.

Providing the ability to display MTD, YTD and All-Time Reward Points summaries, you can highlight how many points a user has accumulated or spent.

Quick Icons

An assortment of Quick Icons for some popular Joomla extensions, allowing you to add shootcuts to the Joomla back-end control panel, speeding up your access to the extensions.

Credit Hold

Credit Hold utilises the ACCPAC API, meaning you can enjoy the same business logic that you experience when using Sage ACCPAC ERP.

National Account Manager

A simple National Account Manager to get around the limitations of Sage ACCPAC ERP.

Quick DIC

Run a Data Integrity Check on an ACCPAC company. All activated modules will be checked without prompting.

Quick Backup

A detailed log is created for each backup with key informnation for review.

Refresh Training

An ACCPAC macro to refresh a Training/Test company with a snapshot of the Live data.

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