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Credit Hold Pro

AU$695 (Excl. GST)

This application enables you to run the AR credit status check and set the Customer and Job statuses based on the results of that check.

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  • Version:
  • Last Updated:
    21 Oct 2019
  • Date Created:
    27 Jun 2016
  • License:
  • Type:
    Paid Download
  • Includes:


  • Compatibility:

    Windows 7+ Win Server 2008+

  • Requirements:

    Sage 300 ERP 6.4+

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  • 2019.1.0.8 (21/10/2019)

    Changed - Fixed Customer Credit Status Reset process

    2019.1.0.7 (18/09/2019)

    Added - Added ability to install against a TEST company
    Fixed - Updated Trial Mode for logging

    2019.1.0.6 (18/09/2019)

    Changed - Adjusted the Credit Check processing switch back to Pre-Check
    Changed - Changed the field that displays in the Session Log

    2019.1.0.5 (18/08/2019)

    Changed - Adjusted the Credit Check processing switch from Pre-Check to Credit Check

    2019.1.0.4 (17/08/2019)

    Added - Locked to single ACCPAC company ID at reseller request
    Added - Cancel processing with Esc key
    Changed - Licensing suspended
    Fixed - Minor UI fixes

    2019.1.0.3 (15/08/2019)

    Added - Jobs Check option
    Added - Ability to exclude Customers by AR Status Optional Field
    Changed - Resolved install script issue with DLL registration
    Changed - UI changes to place Processing settings on the main screen
    Changed - Updated the Progress Bars
    Removed - Obsolete settings

    2019.1.0.2 (14/08/2019)

    Changed - Small UI updates
    Changed - Log Footer formatting
    Changed - Updated Tips/div
    Removed - MS Office checking

    2019.1.0.1 (31/0/2019)

    Added - Progress Bar
    Changed - Jobs on hold processing enabled
    Changed - Logging details improved
    Changed - Session Log tab disabled if no processing
    Changed - Give Session Log tab the focus after processing
    Changed - Disable Process button after processing
    Removed - Current button from the Logs screen

    2019.1.0.0 (30/07/2019)

    Added - Toolbar buttons
    Added - Advanced error logging
    Added - Advanced processing logging
    Added - Logs Manager
    Added - Improved licensing
    Added - Update checking
    Changed - Moved automated running switch from Settings screen to command line
    Changed - General code cleanup
    Removed - Marathon Utilities

    2016.0.0.0 (15/07/2016)

    Added - Marathon Utilities
    Added - Status Bar to display progress
    Added - Options for Tip of the Day, Splash Screen and Maximised on Startup
    Added - Logs Manager (to be expanded in future release)
    Changed - The Help, About screen
    Changed - Moved settings from the Windows Registry to an INI file

    2015.0.0.0 (02/01/2015)

    Added - First release candidate
    • Download the installer and save on the server
    • Click Next to progress past the welcome
    • Agree to the license agreement
    • The install folder should default to "custom\ credit-hold" as a subfolder of the ACCPAC folder. Accept this!
    • Accept the component parts that will be installed
    • Click Install (or Upgrade) to commence the installation
    • Review what got installed and click Next
    • Review the Change Log and allow the component to start (optional)

    Once installed, run Credit Hold. If run from outside Sage 300 ERP it will prompt you to login to ACCPAC.

    To assist with any diagnosis, the product keeps both a session log and an error log. These can be found in the credit-hold\logs folder. It should also take an automatic screenshot of any errors and these can be found in the same folder. When requesting support, please include the most recent session and error log and the most recent screenshot. They are date and time stamped so should be easy to identify.

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